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Review by Marian H. Gordon for Rating: As a current hoonmweer interested in moving up, naturally I would want to learn what I would need to know before I begin the process. With all the craziness in the real estate industry and the mortgage market, I wanted to bone up on the new rules. The title of this book was catchy and the release date was current enough that it would catch a lot of the newer rules.The New Rules for Mortgages is a book worth 5x its purchase price, 10x it weight in gold and would probably save a new hoonmweer's butt and stop someone from making big mistakes. The author is an active loan officer and lawyer, so she speaks from her daily experience. The book is a quick read, because she gets to the point. As the ad says- concise and no fluff! Anybody who is new to buying a home or has been down the real estate road before should buy this before they begin shopping around. I have much more knowledge than I did before and feel that I am now armed with the language and knowledge to speak intelligently and not get taken advantage of.I would strongly recommend this book it has great information and is an easy read.

Kiara - ZoXpSmFVry
hUHsEILHiCZsP (4/9/2013)
hi. I have a mazda 6 sport diesel (2004) and I also think my prleobm could be the scv. I have the stalling prleobm for about 6 mobths now. at the beginning the engine died when it was cold, it was easy to restart. after a while it started sometimes to stall even when the engine was warm (altough this didn't happen too often). until yesterday my main prleobm was the cold stalling but it was easy (most of the times) to restart. since then, the engine stalls almost all the time if I don't push the acceleration and the big prleobm is hat it won't start at all. otherwise the car is running good if I keep the revs up. could my prleobm be the scv? thank youregards,szabi

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